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This page is designed to keep you up to date with the latest developments around Easy Clean, who has or is about to install the system, their findings and any other events of interest.

Top Stories from Beer Cleaner News

  • Beer Cleaner Services Launched.
    Beer Cleaner Services now online
    Beer Cleaner has officially launched its website, now landlords can find out all they need to know about this cost and labour saving technology.
  • First Easy Clean installation.
    Easy Clean now proven technology
    Easy Clean has been installed in a pub in Leeds, after extensive testing it has been a great success. The Landlord reports a 3% increase in sales.
  • Easy Clean installed at a well known football ground.
    Football ground trial
    A premiership football ground has started a trial of Easy Clean in one of their bars, initial indications prove it is cost effective.

Press Releases

  • Beer Cleaner Services launched.
  • First Easy Clean Installation in Leeds.
  • Trial Started at a football ground.
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