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Conventional Beer Line Cleaning Using Automated Systems(CAS)

Conventional beer line cleaning (CAS) systems have been developed to overcome some of the problems associated by the manual cleaning operation.

Conventional beer line cleaning (CAS) can still be a time consuming and wasteful exercise using this method.

Mostly the conventional beer line cleaning (CAS) systems are based on a timer which means some lines may not be flushed through properly.

Conventional automatic systems (CAS) use water and chemicals to flush through the system in this way:

Manual Line Cleaning

CAS Line Cleaning

Easy Clean Line Cleaning

Problems with Conventional Beer Line Cleaning (CAS) Systems

  • Product is wasted every time the lines are cleaned.
  • The exact quantity of product wasted is unknown.
  • Extensive staff training is required to perform the clean correctly.
  • Safety goggles and protective clothing is required to handle chemicals.
  • The quality of how the lines have been cleaned is unknown.
  • The optimal time required to clean the lines is unknown.
  • The time and effort required to clean the lines is costly.
  • When and which lines have been cleaned is unknown.
  • Scheduling of cleaning lines is generally done from memory.
  • Information on the wastage and cleaning of lines to the top level management is not available.
If you cannot monitor it-you cannot manage it!

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