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Easy Clean Data Logging

If you cannot monitor it you cannot manage it!

Easy Clean data logging from your cleaning activities that can be viewed remotely:-

  • All of the pints saved and wasted during the line cleaning process are recorded.
  • Every time the line is cleaned, flushed, dispensed or not dispensed is recorded.
  • The amount of chemical and water used by the system is recorded.

How can I see this Easy Clean data logging online?

When the provided dongle is plugged into your PC in range of the Easy Clean system it collects the Easy Clean data logging wirelessly from the system.

If there is an internet connection present, the Easy Clean data logging is then sent from your PC online.

What does this Easy Clean data logging look like?

  • Dispense Statistics

Dispense Statistics Excel sheet example

  • Flushing/Cleaning Statistics

Flushing and Cleaning Statistics excel sheet example

  • Cleaning Schedules

Cleaning Schedules excel sheet example

  • Historical Use of the System

Historical Usage excel sheet example

  • Graphical View and Analysis

Graphical View and Analysis excel sheet example

  • Pub Chain Master Log In

Accounts in red have overdue lines for cleaning. by clicking the link, it takes you directly into their cleaning data. All beer lines that are overdue for cleaning get an auto email reminder sent.

Pub Chain Master Log In excel sheet example

  • Financial report generation for a chain of licensed premises.

Financial report generation for a chain of licensed premises

Easy Clean Data Logging Provides Useful Data.

Easy Clean can also provide a bespoke data programme tailored to your needs.

Easy Clean Line Cleaning

Easy Clean Data

Savings and Investment

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If you cannot monitor it-you cannot manage it!

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