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Easy Clean-Beer Line Cleaning System

  • Line Cleaning with Easy Clean is easy. The system and remote control operate like a DVD player.

  • Easy Clean operates by the same principles as traditional line cleaning and flushing. However the advantage of Easy Clean is that it is tailored to meet the needs of the lines being cleaned; Easy Clean operates on the volume of flow and not on time(as with traditional and other line cleaning methods).

  • Easy Clean uses artificial intelligence to standardise the cleaning process, so that the same perfect results are achieved every time(unlike the guesswork and timing required when cleaning the lines manually).

  • Easy Clean has been designed with chemical manufacturers, so that all the yeast and bacterial strains in the dispense equipment are eliminated, whilst protecting the operating system, giving perfect, repeatable results every time!

  • Easy Clean logs when, which and how each line was cleaned.

  • Easy Clean operations can be monitored remotely.

  • Easy Clean line cleaning processes are now optimised.

  • Easy Clean is the most carbon friendly method available to clean beer lines.

  • Easy Clean does not need extensive training for bar staff.

  • Easy Clean auto generates schedules and reminders to clean lines.

  • Easy Clean return on investment is guaranteed and can be monitored remotely.

  • Easy Clean return on investment over a four year period can be between 1.5 to 5 times.

Easy Clean Line Cleaning

Easy Clean Data

Savings and Investment

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