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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Off Beer

Q: How can I save all of the beer in the lines?
A: It is possible to save 100% of the beer in the lines provided the dispense equipment has been set up correctly. This means that each bar has its own unique kegs/casks associated with it. This will give full flexibility to maximise the savings using the dispense function.

Q: How long can I run the dispense function for, so that I can sell off beer in the lines?
A: The dispense function will run for an infinite time, although you should aim to sell off beer with the dispense function in an 8 hour window.

Q: Why is the saving calculated from the sell price and not the buy price?
A: The saving calculation is true, because the system is effectively generating 'free pints' for you to sell. These are the pints that you would normally be throwing away. By selling these 'free pints' you are selling these at the sell price and not the buy price.

Q: What happens if I decide not to sell my beer and just clean my lines?
A: The system will log that you have wasted the beer in the lines and allow you to clean the lines in the normal way.

Q: Should I be left with money in my pocket at the end of the week?
A: Yes, if you are saving a percentage of the beer that you would normally waste using the dispense function. All of your savings made can also be monitored on line.

Q: What happens when I sell off beer in the line using the dispense function and the customer wants that product?
A: 1) Ensure that you have the same product flowing from a separate keg or 2) Offer another similar product or 3) Start the dispense function later in the day.4) If this is likely to be a major problem ask about our mini ring solution.

Q:How can I tell if the lines have been cleaned properly?
A: All you need to do is check the cleaning statistics for the line clean, on either the logging computer or when you log in on line. It will tell you when and which lines have been cleaned, the quantity of water, chemicals and length of time these have been present in the lines during the cleaning process.

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