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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Issues

Q:How is the Easy Clean system the cheapest on the market?
A: The reason for this is due to its clever use of components. 1) Easy Clean operates on the mains pressure. This free power is used to flow the fluids through the system, meaning that no water tank, large enclosure or high power pump is required as with conventional systems. 2) All of the brains of the Easy Clean system are within the software. Software once written adds nothing to cost.

Q:How much will it cost for me to buy an Easy Clean system?
A: This is dependent on a few things: 1) the number of bar nozzles and exhaust manifolds you will need, 2) if you want the data logging facility, 3) if you want the pint counters used during the dispense function, 4) if you have a metered system you will need to have the override switch system to get Easy Clean to work.

Q:What financial packages are available?
A: Easy Clean can be bought, leased or purchased through a hire purchase agreement through Easy Clean distribution.

Q:Do I need to pay for the installation?
A:Yes, however if you have Easy Clean on either a leased or on a hire purchase agreement, this will be factored into the monthly repayments.

Q:I work as part of a management team of a large pub chain. Can I oversee the activity of the pubs in the chain?
A:Yes, you will be issued with a special log in. you will have full visibility of the entire chain from one page, immediately seeing those pubs that have failed to clean lines. You can also access any of the pubs activities in detail and you get the saved/wasted costing analysis for the full chain written out as a CSV file.

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